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Father Knows Best 1954 - 1960

The May 27, 1954 episode of The Ford Television Theatre show was called "Keep It in the Family". This 26-minute episode stars Robert Young as Tim Warren, head of the Warren Family. With him was wife Grace (Ellen Drew), older daughter Peggy (Sally Fraser), younger dlaborhter Patty (Tina Thompson) and son Jeff (Gordon Gerbert). This is considered to be the pilot of Father Knows Best. In the episode, Peggy dreams of making it as an actress but a talent scout who has raised her hopes just wants people for his acting school.

Only Robert Young remained of the radio cast when the series moved to CBS Television: 

Father Knows Best

* James "Jim" Anderson, Sr. - Robert Young
* Margaret Anderson - Jane Wyatt
* Betty "Princess" Anderson - Elinor Donahue
* James "Bud" Anderson, Jr. - Billy Gray
* Kathy "Kitten" Anderson - Lauren Chapin

The series began on CBS on October 3, 1954. Originally sponsored by Lorillard's Kent cigarettes in its first season, Scott Paper Company became the primary sponsor when the series moved to NBC in the fall of 1955, remaining as sponsor even after it moved back to CBS in September 1958, with Lever Brothers as an alternate sponsor from 1957 through 1960.

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