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Frontier Doctor 1958 - 1959

Frontier Doctor followed the exploits of small town doctor, Dr. Bill Baxter, who rode in a buggy with his black bag and found more than his share of trouble as he came to the aid of people who crossed his path. Operating from "Rising Springs", Dr. Baxter often found trouble with the patients he treated, such as outlaws like Butch Cassidy. Allen was from Willcox, Arizona, and the program was set in the Arizona Territory. there. Several actors appeared occasionally on the program, including Stafford Repp as Sheriff Brawley.

Allen, a veteran Western movie actor and singer, knew the genre, but this series failed to attract needed viewers. There was speculation that Dr. Baxter was detached as a character and that Allen, an otherwise talented raconteur, delivered his lines in a bland fashion.

In the 1958 episode "The Outlaw Legion", Dr. Baxter discovers that the men he is treating in a remote cabin are Butch Cassidy and members of the "Hole in the Wall Gang". Native Canadian Joe Sawyer portrayed a boorish Cassidy. Doris Singleton, previously of CBS's I Love Lucy sitcom, appeared as Laura, Cassidy's unhappy girlfriend who saves Dr. Baxter's life and tries to put her shady past behind her. Michael Ansara of Law of the Plainsman, appeared as Will Carver, a Cassidy henchman.

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