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Chick Carter, Detective 

1946  - 15 Chapters

Columbia could not afford the rights to produce a Nick Carter serial so they made Chick Carter, Detective about his son instead. This was based on the radio series Chick Carter, Boy Detective. A Nick Carter series was being made by MGM.

In a "rather strange precedent" for a serial, the title character is rarely involved in the cliffhangers. For example, the first cliffhanger revolves around the reporter Rusty rather than Carter. The film starred Lyle Talbot as Chick Carter, Douglas Fowley as Rusty Farrell, Julie Gibson as Sherry Marvin, Pamela Blake as Ellen Dale, Eddie Acuff as Spud Warner, and Robert Elliott as Dan Rankin.


Detective Chick Carter (Lyle Talbot) finds himself in a complex case when Sherry Martin (Julie Gibson), a singer at the Century Club, reports the robbery of the famous Blue Diamond, owned by Joe Carney (Charles King), the owner of the nightclub. Joe planned the theft in order to pay a debt to Nick Pollo (George Meeker) with the $100,000 insurance money he would collect. Sherry double-crossed Joe by wearing an imitation one, while she threw the real one, hidden in a cotton snowball, the Nick during the floor show. But Spud Warner (Eddie Acuff), a newspaper photographer, there with newspaper reporter Rusty Farrell (Douglas Fowley), takes a snowball from her basket and Nick receives an empty one. The Blue Diamond disappears. Aided by a private investigator, Ellen Dale (Pamela Blake), Chick finds himself pitted against the criminals searching for the missing Blue Diamond...

Chapter titles

Chick Carter Takes Over
Jump to Eternity
Grinding Wheels
Chick Carter Trapped
Out of Control
Chick Carter's Quest
Chick Carter's Frame-up
Chick Carter Gives Chase
Shadows in the Night
Run to Earth
Hurled Into Space
Chick Carter Faces Death
Rendezvous with Murder
Chick Carter Sets a Trap
Chick Carter Wins Out


Lyle Talbot as Chick Carter
Douglas Fowley as Rusty Farrell
Julie Gibson as Sherry Marvin
Pamela Blake as Ellen Dale
Eddie Acuff as Spud Warner
Robert Elliot as Dan Rankin
George Meeker as Nick Pollo
Leonard Penn as Vasky
Charles King as Joe Carney
Jack Ingram as Mack
Joel Friedkin as Jules Hoyt
Eddie Parker as Frank Sharp

Date of release: July 11th 1946
Date entered public domain: January 1st 1971

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
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This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: July 11th 1946
Date entered public domain: January 1st 1971