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Congo Bill 

1948 - 15 Chapters

Based on the DC Comics character Congo Bill.


A girl is about to inherit a fortune, but she is missing in Africa. 
Only then, family charges Congo Bill, an adventurer, to find her, 
and bring her back to civilization. He follows a legend about a 
mysterious White Queen, but his path is full of difficulties, by an 
inhospitable jungle, and the man who will lose the fortune if the 
girl is found alive...


Don McGuire as Congo Bill, famed hunter and animal trainer
Cleo Moore as Queen Lureen/ Ruth Culver, white ruler of a forbidden valley in Africa and and the missing heiress to the Culver fortune
ack Ingram as Cameron, mysterious trader
I. Stanford Jolley as Bernie McGraw, villainous trustee of the Culver fortune
Leonard Penn as Andre Bocar, owner of the seedy African bar The Green Parrot Inn, in Bernie McGraw's pay and working for his own ends
Nelson Leigh as Dr Greenway
Charles King as Kleeg, employee of Andre Bocar in The Green Parrot Inn
Armida Vendrell as Zalea
Hugh Prosser as Morelli
Neyle Morrow as Kahla
Fred Graham as Villabo
Rusty Wescoatt as Ivan
Anthony Warde as Rogan
Stephen Carr as Tom McGraw, murdered brother of Bernie McGraw and trustee of the Culver fortune
William Fawcett as Blinky
Knox Manning as Narrator
Frank O'Connor as Frank, cafe clerk
Eddie Parker as torturer
Stanley Price as Nagu's friend

Chapter titles

The Untamed Beast
Jungle Gold
A Hot Reception
Congo Bill Springs a Trap
White Shadows in the Jungle
The White Queen
Black Panther
Sinister Schemes
The Witch Doctor Strikes
Trail of Treachery
A Desperate Chance
The Lair of the Beast
Menace of the Jungle
Treasure Map
The Missing Letter

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
Your Serial comes on a DVD-R in a Paper Protective Sleeve with Color Artwork on the DVD. 
Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 70 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the public domain.

Date of release: Oct 28, 1948
Date entered public domain: Jan 1, 1971