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The Crimson Ghost 

1946 - 12 Chapters


A mysterious villain, the eponymous Crimson Ghost, is determined to steal 
a counter atomic device known as Cyclotrode X, which can short out any 
electrical device.

In order to prevent the audience deducing the identity of the Crimson Ghost, 
the studio cast stunt-man Bud Geary to embody the villain while several actors 
supplied the voice, including I. Stanford Jolley. Jolley's role was minor but he 
received fourth-billing and was therefore highly suspect. When The Crimson 
Ghost was unmasked in the 12th and final chapter, he proved to be yet another 
actor entirely, Joseph Forte, who had played a character seemingly above 
suspicion at that point in the serial. Television's future Lone Ranger, Clayton 
Moore, played a rare villainous role in this serial as one of the Crimson Ghost's 
henchmen, a cold-hearted gangster named Ashe. 


Charles Quigley as Duncan Richards
Linda Stirling as Diana Farnsworth
Clayton Moore as Ashe
I. Stanford Jolley as Doctor Blackton and the Voice of the Crimson Ghost
Kenne Duncan as Professor Chambers
Forrest Taylor as Professor Van Wyck
Emmett Vogan as Anderson
Sam Flint as Maxwell
Joseph Forte as Professor Parker
Stanley Price as Count Fator

Chapter titles

Atomic Peril 
The Fatal Sacrifice 
The Laughing Skull 
Flaming Death 
Mystery of the Mountain 
The Slave Collar
Blazing Fury 
The Trap that Failed 
Double Murder
The Invisible Trail 

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
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This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: Oct 26, 1946
Date entered public domain: January 1st, 1971