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Fighting Marines
12 Chapters - 1935
The Fighting Marines is a Mascot movie serial. It was the last serial ever produced by Mascot. The studio was bought out and merged with others to become Republic Pictures. This new company went on to become the most famous of the serial producing studios, starting with Darkest Africa in 1936.
When the United States Marine Corps starts building a landing strip on Halfway Island in the Pacific Ocean, they interfere with the secret hideout of the masked mystery villain, The Tiger Shark, who begins to sabotage their efforts. Sergeant Schiller is abducted by the villain after developing a gyrocompass that could pinpoint his location. Corporal Lawrence and Sergeant McGowan attempt to rescue him and stop the Tiger Shark for good.
    Grant Withers as Corporal Larry Lawrence, US Marine
    Adrian Morris as Sergeant Mack McGowan, US Marine
    Ann Rutherford as Frances Schiller
    Robert Warwick as Colonel W. R. Bennett, US Marine
    George J. Lewis as Sergeant William Schiller, US Marine abducted by the Tiger Shark
    Patrick H. O'Malley, Jr. as Captain Grayson
    Victor Potel as Fake Native Chief, one of the Tiger Shark's henchmen
    Jason Robards Sr. as Kota
    Warner Richmond as Metcalf, one of the Tiger Shark's henchmen
    Robert Frazer as H. R. Douglas
    J. Frank Glendon as M. J. Buchanan
    Donald Reed as Pedro, one of the Tiger Shark's henchmen
    Max Wagner as Gibson, one of the Tiger Shark's henchmen
    Richard Alexander as Ivan, one of the Tiger Shark's henchmen
    Tom London as Miller, one of the Tiger Shark's henchmen
Chapter titles
    Human Targets
    Isle of Missing Men
    The Savage Hoard
    The Mark of the Tiger Shark
    The Gauntlet of Grief
    Robber's Roost
    Jungle Terrors
    Siege of Halfway Island
    Death from the Sky
    Wheels of Destruction
    Behind the Mask
    Two Against the Horde

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
Your Serial comes on a DVD-R in a Paper Protective Sleeve with Color Artwork on the DVD.
Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: Nov 23, 1935
Date entered public domain: Nov 23, 1963