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Adventures of the Flying Cadets
1943 - 12 Chapters
The serial begins at the Elliott Air Training school, where four youthful cadets Danny Collins (Johnny Downs), Scrapper McKay (Ward Wood), Zombie Parker (Billy Benedict), and Jinx Roberts (Bobby Jordan) are training to be Air Force pilots.  The  flying cadets later have to clear themselves of a murder charge, while trying to stop a traitorous scientist from selling secrets to the Nazis. They have been framed by the hooded Nazi agent, known only as the Black Hangman who is on a murderous rampage to assassinate industry leaders.

    Johnny Downs as Cadet Danny Collins
    Bobby Jordan as Cadet Jinx Roberts
    Ward Wood as Cadet Scrapper McKay
    William Benedict as Cadet Zombie Parker
    Eduardo Ciannelli as Kurt von Heiger, alias Corby
    Regis Toomey as Captain Ralph Carson
    Robert Armstrong as Arthur Galt, alias The Black Hangman
    Charles Trowbridge as Maj. William Elliott
    Joseph Crehan as Colonel George Bolton
    Addison Richards as A.J. 'Jack' Hill
    Leyland Hodgson as Captain Hartley, British Army
    Ian Keith as Colonel Lee
    Philip Van Zandt as Herman Klott, alias Jack Hargrove
    Joan Blair as Frau Klott, alias Mrs. Hargrove
    Selmer Jackson as Professor Mason

Chapter titles
    The Black Hangman Strikes
    Menaced by Murderers
    Into the Flames
    Crashed in a Crater
    Rendezvous with Doom
    Gestapo Execution
    Masters of Treachery
    Wings of Destruction
    Caught in the Caves of An-Kar-Ban
    Hostages for Treason
    The Black Hangman Strikes Again
    The Toll of Treason
From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the public domain.

Date of release: Jan 7, 1943
Date entered public domain: Jan 7, 1971