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The Master Key

13 Chapters - 1945


Nazi spies, led by the mysterious "Master Key", kidnap Professor Henderson in order to acquire his "Orotron machine" which is capable of extracting gold from sea water. FBI agent Tom Brant, aided by reporter Janet Lowe and Detective Lt. Jack Ryan, attempt to rescue him and crack the Nazi spy ring.

Milburn Stone ... Agent Tom Brant
Jan Wiley ... Janet Lowe
Dennis Moore ... Detective Lt. Jack Ryan
Addison Richards ... Gerhard Doenitz, alias Garret Donahue
Byron Foulger ... Prof. Elwood Henderson
Maris Wrixon ... Dorothy Newton
Sarah Padden ... Aggie
George Lynn ... Herman, chief thug
Russell Hicks ... Police Chief Michael J. O'Brien
Roland Varno ... Arnold Hoffman aka Hoff, M-3
Lash La Rue ... Migsy (street urchin) (as Alfred La Rue)
Jerry Shane ... Dan, boys' club member
Neyle Morrow ... Spike, boys' club member (as Neyle Marx)
John Eldredge ... Walter Stark, council member M-6

1. Trapped by Flames
2. Death Turns the Wheel
3. Ticket to Disaster
4. Drawbridge Danger
5. Runaway Car
6. Shot Down
7. Death on the Dial
8. Bullet Serenade
9. On Stage for Murder
10. Fatal Masquerade
11. Crash Curve
12. Lightning Underground
13. The Last Key


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Your Serial comes on a DVD-R in a Paper Protective Sleeve with Color Artwork on the DVD.
Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: April 24, 1945
Date entered public domain: Jan 1, 1971