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The Phantom Creeps  

1939 - 12 Chapters 

A mad scientist who attempts to rule the world by creating various elaborate 
inventions. In a dramatic fashion, foreign agents and G-Men try to seize the 
inventions for themselves.


Dr. Zorka, a rouge scientist, is the creator of various weapons of warfare, 
including a devisualizer belt which renders him invisible; an eight-foot tall 
slave robot (Ed Wolff), and he also has a deadly meteorite fragment from 
which he extracts an element which can induce suspended animation in an 
entire army. Foreign spies, operating under the guise of a foreign language 
school, are trying to buy or mostly steal the meteorite element, whilst his 
former partner, Dr. Fred Mallory, miffed that Zorka will not turn his inventions 
over to the U.S. Government, blows the whistle on him to Captain Bob West 
of the Military Intelligence Department. Tired of answering the door and saying 
no to the spies and the government, Zorka moves his lab. When his beloved 
wife is killed, Zorka, puttering around for his own amusement up to this point, 
is crushed and swears eternal vengeance against anyoneto try to use his 
creations to make himself world dictator. And would have if not for his assistant 
Monk, an escaped convict virtually enslaved by Zorka, who is cowardly, 
treacherous and totally incompetent, and whose accidental or deliberate 
interference with Zorka's efforts repeatedly frustrates his master's own plans...


Béla Lugosi as Dr. Alex Zorka. Lugosi received top billing for this, final serial appearance.
Robert Kent as Capt. Bob West, G-Man
Dorothy Arnold as Jean Drew, reporter
Edwin Stanley as Dr. Fred Mallory, Dr. Zorka's former partner
Regis Toomey as Lt. Jim Daley, G-Man
Jack C. Smith as Monk, Dr. Zorka's assistant
Edward Van Sloan as Jarvis, foreign spy chief
Dora Clement as Ann Zorka
Anthony Averill as Rankin, a foreign spy
Hugh Huntley as Perkins, Dr. Mallory's lab assistant
Ed Wolff as The Robot

Chapter titles

The Menacing Power
Death Stalks the Highways
Crashing Towers
Invisible Terror
Thundering Rails
The Iron Monster
The Menacing Mist
Trapped in the Flames
Speeding Doom
Phantom Footprints
The Blast
To Destroy the World

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
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Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: January 7, 1939
Date entered public domain:
January 1, 1967