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Pirates of the High Seas 

1950 - 15 Chapters 

It starred the heroic Buster Crabbe, along with Lois Hall and Tommy Farrell, under the direction of Spencer Gordon Bennet and Thomas Carr. It was a Sam Katzman production.


Adventurer Jeff Drake sails to a Pacific island in aid of Kelly Walsh, an old friend whose freight line is being sabotaged by a ghost ship (such as the classic Flying Dutchman). Drake and Walsh's investigation concerns the search for Walter Castell, an escaped convict who stole 5 million dollars in diamonds at the close of World War II. Several other people, including Walsh's sister, all want to go to the island. Drake and his friends encounter multiple dangers when they are attacked by a gang also looking for the stolen diamonds.


Buster Crabbe as Jeff Drake
Lois Hall as Carol Walsh
Tommy Farrell as Kelly Walsh
Gene Roth as Gov. Frederick Whitlock
Tristram Coffin as Walter Castell
Stanley Price as Lamar, Whitlock's aide
Marshall Reed as Shark Wilson, phantom cruiser thug-captain
Rusty Wescoatt as Adams, burly phantom cruiser thug
Terry Frost as Carter, Patrol 6 thug-driver
Pierce Lyden as Durk, Patrol 6 thug-leader
Neyle Morrow as Kalana
Symona Boniface as The Lotus Lady
Hugh Prosser as Roper, Jeff's first mate
Lee Roberts as Barker, phantom cruiser thug
William Fawcett as Ben Wharton

Chapter titles

Mystery Mission
Attacked by Pirates
Dangerous Depths
Blasted to Atoms
The Missing Mate
Secret of the Ivory Case
Captured by Savages
The Vanishing Music Box
Booby Trap
Savage Snare
Sinister Cavern
Blast from the Depths
Cave In
Secret of the Music Box
Diamonds from the Sea

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
Your Serial comes on a DVD-R in a Paper Protective Sleeve with Color 
Artwork on the DVD. 
Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: November 2, 1950
Date entered public domain: June 8, 1977