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The Spider Returns
1941  -  15 Chapters
The Spider Returns is a Columbia movie serial based on the pulp magazine character The Spider. It was the  a sequel to its 1938 serial The Spider's Web. 
Amateur criminologist Richard Wentworth was formerly the masked vigilante, The Spider. Wentworth brings The Spider out of retirement to help his friend, police commissioner Kirk (Kirkpatrick in the pulps), fight a dangerous maniac. This new enemy is The Gargoyle, a mysterious crime lord who threatens the world with sabotage and wholesale murder in an effort to wreck national defense.

    Warren Hull as The Spider, his secret identity Richard Wentworth, and Blinky McQuade
    Mary Ainslee as Nita Van Sloan, Richard Wentworth's fiancée
    Dave O'Brien as Jackson, Wentworth's assistant
    Joseph W. Girard as Police Commissioner Kirk
    Kenneth Duncan as Ram Singh, Sikh warrior and bodyguard.
    Corbet Harris as McLeod
    Bryant Washburn as Westfall
    Charles F. Miller as Mr. Van Sloan
    Anthony Warde as Trigger, one of the Gargoyle's henchmen
    Harry Harvey as Stephan
    Forrest Taylor (uncredited) Voice of The Gargoyle
  Chapter titles
    The Stolen Plans
    The Fatal Time-Bomb
    The Secret Meeting
    The Smoke Dream
    The Gargoyle's Trail
    The X-Ray Eye
    The Radio Boomerang
    The Mysterious Message
    The Cup of Doom
    The X-Ray Belt
    Lips Sealed by Murder
    A Money Bomb
    Almost a Confession
    Suspicious Telegrams
    The Payoff
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Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: May 9, 1941
Date entered public domain: May 9, 1969