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The Spider's Web
15 Chapters - 1938
"The Octopus," a masked crime lord, is bent on crippling the nation with a wave of terror. He starts with the transportation system and then moves onto industry. He demands tribute from railroad magnates and other captains of industry. Richard Wentworth (Warren Hull), an amateur criminologist who is friendly with the police, is secretly "The Spider," a masked vigilante equally determined to wipe the Octopus and his gang off the face of the earth. Pleasant and smiling in civilian life, Wentworth is often ruthless as the Spider, slinging two guns against the public enemies who attack him.
Wentworth also masquerades as affable underworld lowlife Blinky McQuade. Disguised as McQuade, Wentworth can infiltrate gangland at the hired-gun level and keep current on the gang's plans.
The only people who know Wentworth's other identities are his assistants Jackson (Richard Fiske) and Ram Singh (Kenne Duncan), his butler Jenkins (Don Douglas), and his fiancée Nita (Iris Meredith).
The Octopus was a villain in a single issue pulp believed to have been written by Norvell Page who wrote most of The Spider pulp stories. He is garbed completely in white and is only ever seen sitting in a chair. Unlike the pulps, The Spider is garbed in a lightweight full length costume with web-like markings on it which resemble Spiderman's costume. The serial follows the standard formula of fights, shoot-outs, Wentworth's friends being kidnapped at various times and having to be rescued. Each chapter ends with The Spider or his friends in deep trouble, often about to be killed, but the effect is spoiled by a trailer for the next episode which shows them in full health and fighting the villains. The HQ of The Octopus is found by The Spider in the last episode. He has unwittingly given himself away to Wentworth and realises that only Wentworth could know, so of course he must die.
The Spider uses his line (his web) a number of times to get out of trouble. Commissioner Kirk (changed from Kirkpatrick in the pulps) suspects that Wentworth is The Spider in one episode. The Octopus's gang wore robes too (this being because they were a cheap disguise). He ruthlessly executed all who failed him and in case of trouble, used a false arm, so concealing a gun hidden by his robes, held by his real arm.
    Warren Hull as The Spider, secret identity of Richard Wentworth, along with Blinky McQuade
    Iris Meredith as Nita Van Sloan, Richard Wentworth's fiancée
    Richard Fiske as Jackson, Ruchard Wentworth's driver
    Kenne Duncan as Ram Singh, Richard Wentworth's Sikh bodyguard
    Forbes Murray as Police Commissioner Stanley Kirk
    Don Douglas as Jenkins, Richard Wentworth's butler
    Marc Lawrence as Steve Harmon
    Charles C. Wilson as Chase
    John Tyrrell as Grafton, one of The Octopus' henchmen
    Eugene Anderson Jr. as Johnnie Sands
    Ann Doran as Mason's secretary
    Paul Whitney as Gray, a banker
    Beatrice Curtis as Kate Sands
    Gordon Hart as J. Mason
    Byron Foulger as Allen Roberts
    Chapter titles
    Night of Terror
    Death Below
    High Voltage
    Surrender or Die
    Shoot to Kill
    Sealed Lips
    Shadows of the Night
    While the City Sleeps
    Flaming Danger
    The Road to Peril
    The Spider Falls
    The Manhunt
    The Double Cross
    The Octopus Unmasked
From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
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Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the Public Domain.

Date of release: Oct 10, 1938
Date entered public domain: Oct 10, 1966