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The Valley of Vanishing Men 

1942 - 15 Chapters


In this serial, Wild Bill Tolliver and Missouri Benson are a pair of adventurers who ride into the vast territory of New Mexico in search of Bill's father, Henry Tolliver, who mysteriously disappeared while prospecting for gold. They soon discover that a ruthless outlaw leader, Jonathan Kincaid, owns an immense mine of gold in which he uses captured Mexican patriots, among others, to work as slaves in the mine. They also learn that Kincaid has joined forces with Carl Engler, a renegade European general, to carry out his cruel intentions. Then Bill and Missouri meet with Consuelo Ramírez, a diligent Mexican agent, who informs them that Bill's father is among the prisoners in the mine. After that, the heroes find themselves in a conflict with the outlaws in the middle of incessant fights, chases and action.


Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Tolliver
Slim Summerville as Missouri Benson
Carmen Morales as Consuelo Ramírez
Kenneth MacDonald as Jonathan Kincaid
Jack Ingram as Butler, a henchman
George Chesebro as Taggart, a henchman
John Shay as Mullins, a henchman
Tom London as Slater, a henchman
Arno Frey as Colonel Engler
Lane Chandler as Major Stacy Roberts
Roy Barcroft as Deputy Jed "Luke" Lucas
Rick Anderson as Henry Tolliver
Ernie Adams as Stubby, bartender
Billy Bletcher as the voice of Jericho
Hank Bell as a wounded prospector


Trouble in Canyon City
The Mystery of Ghost Town
Danger Walks by night
Hillside Horror
Guns in the Night
The Bottomless Well
The Man in the Gold Mask
When the Devil Drives
The Traitor's Shroud
Death Strikes at Seven
Satan in the Saddle
The Mine of Missing Men
Danger on Dome Rock
The Door that Has No Key
Empire's End

From: Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia
Your Serial comes on a DVD-R in a Paper Protective Sleeve with Color Artwork on the DVD. 
Please keep in mind that this movie is of very good quality for its age, but is over 70 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
This Classic Serial is in the public domain.

Date of release: December 12, 1942
Date entered public domain: Jan 1, 1971