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December Bride 1954-59 TV

5 DVD Set (20) episodes







Lily Ruskin (Spring Byington), a spry widow who was not in fact a "December bride" but very much desired to become one lives with her daughter and son-in-law. Lily along with her close friend Hilda Crocker (Verna Felton), are always trying to find suitable older marriageable companionship. Familar comedy bits included neighbor Pete Porter's (Harry Morgan) complaints about his heard but never seen wife Gladys.

Spring Byington as Lily Ruskin
Frances Rafferty as Ruth Henshaw
Dean Miller as Matt Henshaw
Verna Felton as Hilda Crocker
Harry Morgan as Pete Porter


20 Great episodes on this 5 DVD Collection, recorded mostly from 16mm film.
You'll love the quality of these shows. 



                                          DVD 1                           DVD 2                      DVD 3

Lily is Bored

The Grandfather Clock

The Chinese Dinner

Matt's Movie Career

Skid Row

Family Quarrel

High Sierras

The Trailer Show


The Budget Show

Study Group

Mean Grandfather


                                                       DVD 4                               DVD 5                              

Grunion Hunting

Big Game Hunter

Matt's Movie Career

The Golf Lesson

The Parrot  Show

The Mickey Rooney Show

The Alaska Show

Nurse is Fired

This collection is in the Public Domain

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